Texas Instruments' OMAP™ 4 technology delivers market-leading applications and uses cases that will change the way consumers "watch" and "interact" with their mobile devices

Barcelona (February 15, 2010) /PRNewswire/ — This week at Mobile World Congress, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) shared its vision for the mobile future, unveiling new use cases that will dramatically change how consumers "watch" and "interact" with mobile devices. Leading the next wave of mobile use cases will be a set of applications classified as Human Device Interactions (HDI). TI's OMAP™ 4 platform is uniquely positioned to make leading features such as multiple displays, projection technology and gesturing capabilities – features critical to supporting HDI use cases - a reality. In fact, TI expects the world's first "touchless gesture-recognition" and "3D-HD" (three-dimensional, high definition) mobile devices – enabled by TI's powerful OMAP 4 processor platform – to debut within the coming year. By simplifying common tasks and making the user interfaces more intuitive, these new capabilities will change how people capture and watch multimedia content, and how they interface with and control mobile devices. (For more information on how TI's OMAP platform will deliver the mobile future, visit: www.ti.com/omap4visionpr.)

"TI envisions a near-term mobile future that will be vastly different than today's mobile environment," said Remi El-Ouazzane, vice president and general manager of TI's OMAP Platform Business Unit. "Similar to how the touchscreen changed the way we interact with our devices, touchless gesturing and 3D-HD mobile capabilities will take experiences to the next level and radically change how we connect to our devices and the things around us. TI is excited to play a key role with our customers in this revolution."

OMAP technology revolutionizes how people "interact," "watch" and "see" with mobile devices:

Sampling now, TI's OMAP 4 platform is the fourth generation of a proven, powerful system-on-chip that includes an optimal balance of power efficiency and high performance. This sophisticated architecture is the ideal platform for enabling this "mobile future." The OMAP 4 platform provides the optimal mix of interfaces, processing power and the flexibility required to address the computational complexity of algorithms required to support vision analytics and other HDI applications. For example, the OMAP 4 platform is the only mobile applications processor that can deliver stereoscopic 720p at 30 frames per second (fps) per channel or enable true 3D image capture, both crucial elements for delivering comprehensive "3D-HD" experiences. OMAP 4 enables many HDI scenarios including:

Consumer application

How does it work

OMAP 4 platform uniquely delivers

Touchless gesturing: Gesture-driven user interface, whereby single or multiple finger gestures "in the air" can be used as a virtual touch screen

Single, low-cost 2D camera, combined with object recognition software, allows mobile devices to track and recognize body, hand and finger gestures

  • Gesture recognition software running on the industry-leading C6x-based DSP architecture, which improves performance, reduces power and allows concurrency with multiple applications
  • TI's powerful Image Signal Processor (ISP), which provides robustness to precisely recognize gestures in low or bright light conditions

Multiple display support: Multiple screens can be viewed simultaneously, allowing user to view and digest information at the same time

Spreads content across multiple displays, or uses multiple screens to provide different dimensions of information

  • TI's feature-rich display controller, supports three high-resolution displays in parallel, each with its own unique content


Interactive projection: User can "point and click" on projected images

OMAP 4 processor dynamically manipulates a projected image and syncs it with the on-device camera

  • Tight coupling with TI DLP® Pico™ projector technology, allowing for real time manipulation and interaction with the projected image

Stereoscopic 3D imaging: HD-quality 3D capture and viewing

Integrating two cameras on device, a mobile device can perceive depth to generate stereoscopic 3D images from the combination of right and left images, bringing a "3D-HD" experience to your eyes and ears

  • Building on more than a decade of experience, TI's IVA3 imaging engine supports up to 720p 30fps stereoscopic 3D video record and playback
  • TI's best-in-class ISP also supports stereoscopic 3D cameras
  • The advanced display controller from TI supports auto-stereoscopic displays, creating a 3D image without the need for special headgear or glasses, as well as providing support for external 3D monitors

Object recognition: Enables face, logo and object recognition captured by a mobile device

Devices will interpret specific objects in the pictures or preview, providing real-time relevant information on a given object

  • Flexible DSP supports vision analytic software to aid in visual recognition and data interpretation
  • Leveraging TI's proven ISP allows access to integrated face detection hardware

(For more information on TI's OMAP 4 platform, visit: www.ti.com/omap4)

TI ecosystem in place to enable the "mobile future"

To realize this vision of the "mobile future", TI has partnered with key companies in its OMAP ecosystem. Visitors to Mobile World Congress can experience the following demonstrations in TI's booth (8A84, Hall 8):

  • Touchless gesturing running on the OMAP platform, which allows users to point, scroll and click "in the air" to control a graphical user interfaces (UIs)
  • An advanced 3D UI runs on multiple displays, showing how new interface capabilities will shape future device usage models
  • Dual displays show how enhanced mobile browsing experiences bring social media-like environments to consumers' pockets
  • Next-generation sensor input combined with visual and physical feedback to control mobile UI and displays in response to user-generated motion, touch input and pressure

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