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Suddenly Fem™, Largest manufacturer designer in a unique niche market

Dresses, skirts, jewelry, wigs and lingerie - all manufactured for Men

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April 15, 2008)/PRNewswire/—SuddenlyFem's customers are like any discerning consumer. They want the women's clothing they purchase to be comfortable, well made, and to help emphasize their best features. The only thing that sets these customers apart is their gender.

For 15 years, Suddenly Fem™ has catered to male customers who are looking for female attire including high heels, dresses, jewelry, wigs, and lingerie. The company's high-end approach to their mail order catalog presentation (similar to Nordstrom and Fredericks of Hollywood) has helped them grow at a rate of 15-20% annually.

What makes Suddenly Fem™ unique, is that instead of buying and reselling traditional women's clothing, this privately-held company designs all clothing and accessories specifically with men in mind. Each style, manufactured in factories domestically and overseas, is created exclusively to fit men, whose bodies are completely opposite of women. Men are taller, have wider shoulders, straighter hips, longer torsos and longer arms.

What type of men purchase SuddenlyFem's products? Doctors, lawyers, judges, CEO's, plumbers, engineers, contractors, weightlifters, etc. Their customer is any male that you may know. There is no characteristic personality type, particular profession, or hobby interest that distinguishes them. They don't act, walk or talk different than the "average Joe." The one thread that is misunderstood about these men, is that the overwhelming majority are heterosexual.

"Men are more logical shoppers than women," says Laine Alexander, President. "They want to accentuate their best features and won't buy styles that emphasize their flaws. They also don't buy on impulse or based on fashion trends. If the style won't make their body look attractive, or is not appropriate for them, many won't wear it. Most men tend to have nicely shaped, toned legs and are inclined to like wearing shorter hemlines to show them off."

The idea for the business was born in the 1980's when Ms. Alexander was watching a Talk show about Transvestites in England using a service for male to female transformations. Her immediate reaction was, " I can do that and do it better," since she was skilled in makeup and hair design. After putting an advertisement in the newspaper, she started doing client transformations (male to female) for 5 years. "After years of difficulty trying to purchase clothing to fit my clients properly, I decided to fill the need for a discreet, upscale clothing and accessory catalog catering to crossdressers."

SuddenlyFem™ went online in 1994 ( She recruited her son to help run the business. The business soon began to build a loyal client base of men all over the country because Ms. Alexander discovered a need in the retail clothing market that was not being met. Men from England, Japan, Australia and Canada as well as other countries now rely on Suddenly Fem™ for their crossdressing needs.

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