“Dad, the Burgers are Burning…and so is the House!”

State Farm: July is National Grilling Month but also the Peak Month for Grilling Fires

Bloomington, IL, June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — While Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day see the most cooking related smoke and fire claims for State Farm, the 4th of July isn’t far behind. According to State Farm claims data nearly 3,000 fire and smoke related claims happen in the month of July.

To help ensure your grilling plans don’t go up in flames, State Farm offers these tips:

Location, Location, Location

  • Move your grill away from flammable objects, including the house. Nearly 30% of home grilling fires start on a balcony or open patio.

Flame On

  • Only use charcoal starter fluid to start a charcoal grill. Never use lighter fluid or any other fire accelerant on an open flame. Gasoline or lighter fluid is a factor in almost one-quarter of the charcoal grill burns seen in emergency rooms.

Adult Supervision Required

  • Never leave the grill unattended when cooking. Radiating heat from the grill and grease flare-ups can lead to a home fire very quickly if a grill is left unsupervised.

In the Zone

  • Keep kids and pets away from a hot grill. Maintain a safe zone of at least three feet around the grilling area to prevent children or pets from touching a hot grill.

Keep It Clean

  • Clean and maintain your grill. Check the valves and hoses for cracks or leaks. Leaks or hose breaks are the leading factor contributing to gas-fueled grill fires.

Put It Out

  • Properly extinguish a charcoal grill by closing the grill lid. This will smother the fire by depriving it of oxygen. When the briquettes have cooled down, transfer them into a metal container with long tongs or immerse them in water. Warm charcoal can easily re-ignite and start a fire while your family is away or asleep.

For more information about cooking fire safety, visit the State Farm Learning Center.

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