TV Spot Showcases ShareBuilder as the Solution to Cut through Investing Clutter

Wilmington, DE (February 17, 2011) /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to investing, technical jargon, confusing trading tools and a blizzard of data can leave many investors feeling overwhelmed. In a new television advertising campaign, ING DIRECT USA’s ShareBuilder, one of the nation’s largest online brokerages, emphasizes the extremes that people will go to in decoding the complexity of investing and proposes a simpler way to invest.

The “Upside Down” television spot opens with Paul, a 30-something guy who invests his money using an online brokerage. A friend, Charlene, bumps into Paul while he is walking upside down on his hands through a hardware store. Embarrassed, Paul explains that he is overwhelmed by investing jargon, trading tools and the large amount of data. He says that, “I need to get as much blood to my brain as possible…just to make sense of it all.” Charlene offers Paul a solution — ING DIRECT’s iconic Orange Ball. She invites him to “Touch the Ball” bringing about Paul’s epiphany that there is a simpler and smarter way to invest, with ShareBuilder.

The 30-second television spot ends with “Get ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT. No mumbo jumbo. No complicated website. No upside down.” This year, ING DIRECT’s ShareBuilder will unveil significant changes at that enhance the online trading experience for customers and help make investing less complicated, which save customers time.

“Handstands are for gymnastics, not investing. At ShareBuilder, there is no distracting clutter or complexity. We eliminate the unnecessary technical jargon and overly complicated charts and graphs that only Wall Street traders would understand. Investing doesn’t have to be so difficult and at ShareBuilder we make it easier,” said Dan Greenshields, President and Chief Investment Officer of ShareBuilder.

In September 2010, ING DIRECT unveiled the “Touch the Ball” TV campaign to reinforce that there is a better way to bank. The campaign highlighted awkward scenarios such as a “toilet flush” ringtone for text messages from the customer’s bank that notify him every time he pays a checking fee. In all spots, the Orange Ball represents a solution for the frustrated consumer.

The “Upside Down” Touch the Ball spot started airing February 14 on premium programming across network and cable television and is available on YouTube.


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