New Schick Hydro, Available Today, Delivers A Revolutionary Shaving Experience and Superior Comfort

Schick Hydro™ Razors Go Beyond Hair Removal to Care for Men’s Skin

SHELTON, CT, April 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Schick Hydro, a revolutionary new razor with many first to market technologies, goes on sale today at stores nationwide. Billed by makers as a complete razor redesign – from blade, to lubricating system, to handle – Schick Hydro razors are the most thoroughly tested, highest-rated products in the brand’s 88 year history. These razors, which will be available in 3- and 5-blade models, deliver innovations in shaving technology not found among other razors currently on the market. In fact Schick is using the tagline “the best shave for your skin” to herald the new razor’s arrival, and they tout the Hydro 3 as delivering a better shave than Mach 3, according to tests.

These Schick Hydro razor advances result from many new technologies, like skin guards, innovative skin protectors that act to smooth out skin between blade tips; an advanced hydrating gel reservoir that lubricates throughout the shave process; a convenient flip trimmer on the Schick Hydro 5; and an effortless ergonomic handle. To round out the new line, Schick has also developed a new line of Schick Hydro shave gels that, when used with the Schick Hydro razor, deliver a complete skin comfort system that goes beyond hair removal to care for men’s skin.

“This razor will change everything men feel about shaving,” said Dan Kinton, Senior Brand Manager for Schick. “With Hydro and its many skin comfort advances, we’ve developed a razor that will actually help give back the hydration that other razors can take away.”

By improving the shave experience, Schick hopes to return shaving to its rightful place as a welcome daily ritual, rather than a task that many men reportedly avoid. According to new Schick research, only about three in 10 men shave five days a week or more, despite a majority saying it’s something they once anticipated and considered a rite of passage into manhood.

Why aren’t men shaving more often? The number one answer is irritation. In fact, 64 percent of men say they would shave more often if there were a way to keep their skin from getting so irritated, and 73 percent agree shaving would be more satisfying if it didn’t irritate their skin so much.

“The research clearly demonstrates that there’s an unmet need for taking shaving beyond hair removal to caring for men’s skin,” added Kinton. “With Schick Hydro, we’ve created a razor that tackles irritation head on and allows men to put their best face forward.”


The Schick Hydro razor system and shave gels go beyond simple product upgrades to deliver outstanding performance and skin care. Central new Schick Hydro razor and shave gel innovations include:

  • Skin Guards -- Skin guards are innovative skin protectors that act to smooth out skin between blade tips to reduce irritation. Only Schick Hydro delivers this technology.
  • Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir -- The Schick Hydro blade cartridge uses proprietary technology to pack advanced lubrication – with soothing Aloe Vera and vitamin E – into a Hydrating Gel Reservoir that lasts up to twice as long as ordinary lubricating strips. Men typically shave away their shave gels with the first stroke of their razor, but Schick Hydro razors add hydration in multiple strokes. This provides men with lubrication from start to finish and reduces irritation.
  • Flip Trimmer -- With the flip trimmer on Schick Hydro 5, men can flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir so that all five blades touch the skin, as opposed to the single edging blade on the reverse side of some razors.
  • Ergonomic Handle -- It’s something most men may never think about, but Schick even obsessed over developing an extremely comfortable, ergonomically effective handle. Consumer testing helped to whittle down several potential handle designs, applying men’s insights and opinions on ergonomics, grip, appearance and many other factors.
  • Schick Hydro Shave Gels – Made to work with and enhance the shave of the Schick Hydro razors, the new Sensitive Skin and Moisturizing Shave Gels combine with the razor technology to form the ultimate skin comfort system.

Add all these advancements together and the result is a razor that refreshes the tools of shaving, allowing men to experience a smooth, less irritating shave. By delivering greater protection and hydration, Schick Hydro products knock down the strongest complaint about shaving: irritation.

Schick Hydro razors are available in three- and five-blade models for an average price of $7.99 (Schick Hydro 3) and $8.99 (Schick Hydro 5). The Schick Hydro 3 delivers high performance and protection for men seeking top performance at a better value than any available alternatives. The Schick Hydro 5 offers the latest in razor technology, including a never before seen flip trimmer. A pack of four Schick Hydro razor refill blades are available for an average price of $11.49 (Schick Hydro 5) and $7.99 (Schick Hydro 3).

Schick Hydro shave gels will be available in Moisturizing and Sensitive Skin varieties for an average price of $3.39. For more information, log on to or

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