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Introducing Microwavable Sauce in a Pouch from Ragú

Bid farewell to messy pots and pans with new Ragú Fresh & Simple Pouch

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ (May 1, 2008) /PRNewswire/—Juggling a crazy schedule between soccer practices and PTA meetings? Forget to thaw out the chicken before you left for work? With new Ragú Fresh & Simple microwavable pouches, having a hot, nutritious meal on the table for the family is faster than saying "Drive-Thru."

According to a recent survey by Ragú, 57% of moms said it's difficult to find a meal for their family that is both nutritious and convenient to prepare in under 30 minutes. That's why Ragú has developed the next evolution of pasta sauce, Ragú Fresh & Simple pouch, packaged in a 90-second microwavable pouch, leaving no messy pots to clean or half-empty jars in the fridge. With new Ragú Fresh & Simple pouches, quick, wholesome weeknight meals are as easy as "clip it, pop it, pour it" -- simply clip the corner of the pouch to vent, pop it in the microwave, pour the sauce directly onto pasta, and toss out the empty package.

"Ragú continuously seeks ways to make our products more convenient and healthy for busy families," said Donna Barker, Marketing Director for Unilever. "We are proud to have created a product with the great taste and wholesome goodness of traditional Ragú, updated for the changing needs of today's on-the-go families."

Like Ragú traditional sauces, Ragú Fresh & Simple pouch products are all-natural with no artificial additives or preservatives. Plus, kids still get a full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce without any added sugar. Ragú Fresh & Simple pouch products are also a good source of Fiber, Vitamins A, C and E, contain lycopene, and have no cholesterol, trans or saturated fat per serving.*

"We all lead frantic lives, but we shouldn't forgo nutritious home-cooked meals because of it," commented TV Food Network's Robin Miller. "Until now, quick and healthy were mutually exclusive mealtime goals. With Ragú Fresh & Simple pouches, moms like myself, are provided an easier way to make smaller meals faster without sacrificing the great taste kids want with the nutrients they need."

The Ragú Fresh & Simple pouch line is an extension of Ragú's active devotion to helping Feed Our Kids Well by helping provide moms with the resources they need to navigate through the myriad of nutrition messages about what their children should (and shouldn't) eat.

From nutrition and wellness to general parenting and managing the "family" clock, Ragú also recently launched, an online mixing bowl of resourceful information aimed to provide great advice and real solutions to the everyday nutrition challenges that moms face. Beginning in April, moms can log on to receive a free Ragú Feed Our Kids Well booklet by mail, comprised of time saving tips, meal planning suggestions and delicious recipes from the Ragú Expert Panel including notable mom personalities like TV Food Network's Robin Miller, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kathy Kaehler, Parenting Guru Stacy DeBroff, and nutritionists from across the U.S..

For more information on Ragú Fresh & Simple and Ragú's Feed Our Kids Well initiative, please visit

* According to the FDA, “healthy” must be low in fat and saturated fat, contains limited amounts of cholesterol and sodium, and contains a minimum amount of certain nutrients.

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Ragú Pasta Sauces are available in the pasta sauce aisle at all major grocery stores. For more information on Ragú Fresh & Simple and Ragú's Feed Our Kids Well initiative, please visit

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