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"The Most Beautiful
Baume & Mercier Story
is Your Own"

GENEVA, January 18 /PRNewswire/ — Just a few days after launching its Facebook and Twitter "Secrets of a Watchmaking Family" diary, the famous watch brand Baume & Mercier is now unveiling the second phase of its social media operation, continuing its cooperation with the Détails agency.

To celebrate its 180th anniversary, Baume & Mercier and Mrs Simone Gaudard, the great-granddaughter of the company's founder, wanted to virtually unite all brand fans and invite you to share the history of your Baume & Mercier watch on Facebook... Because "the most beautiful Baume & Mercier story is your own"!

It is with true emotion that Mrs Gaudard, a descendant of Louis-Victor-Baume, is launching this quest for your contributions as a tribute to her forefathers and a powerful modern means of enriching her family history.

All your testimonies are welcome, whether your watch is recent or vintage, so join us on Facebook : (My Watch tab)

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About Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830 in Les Bois, a village at the heart of the Swiss Jura region, Baume & Mercier is a Swiss watch company combining expertise, contemporary design and impeccable quality for almost 180 years. Its guiding principle of "producing only watches of the highest quality" is a motto inherited from company founders William Baume and Paul Mercier.

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