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Is there a wolf inside every dog?

Geneva, Switzerland 7/01 /PRNewswire/ — Ever wondered why your dog continuously scents the air and the ground, enjoys running and chasing, loves the smell and taste of meat? Well the answer lies in his natural origins – a hunter, a carnivore that caught prey and ate meat – the wolf. Maybe it's time to take a good look at your dog again, appreciate the wolf inside and feed as his nature intended.

Why is this important? Well for dog owners, breeders and veterinarians it means we can learn more about the make-up of our best friend from his wild ancestor and in doing so perhaps better appreciate his day-to-day needs and how we can best meet them through care, exercise and nutrition. And when you look closely the similarities are striking.

Both species share many of the same physical features and attributes – like 13 pairs of ribs, 42 teeth, exceptional scenting and hearing ability... the list goes on. Then there are the social and behavioural clues. Yes, your dog loves being part of your family. He is a pack animal, just like the wolf, and flourishes in the family as long as he understands his status in the hierarchy, either as leader or follower, which is why good training is so important.

Likewise, when your dog is scenting or chasing, he is re-engaging his predatory instincts – but just for fun. You feed him of course, so he doesn't need them for survival, but they are nevertheless still present. According to experts, what you feed your dog should be directly linked to his natural origins too. They reasonably point out that from teeth, designed for cutting and tearing meat, rather than chewing plants, through to a short, simple, digestive system, designed to process meat not plants, wolves and dogs are designed to eat and digest lots of animal protein.

UK Veterinarian, David Morgan, from Eukanuba, says the fundamental similarity between wolves and dogs is the foundation of Eukanuba diets, "We use chicken- not cereal as our main protein source because we believe dogs evolved from carnivores and should be fed accordingly."

Maybe it's time to take a good look at your dog again, appreciate the wolf inside and feed as his nature intended.

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