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Clean Energy from Wind to Help Outdoor Advertising Save the Planet

Torrance, Calif. and New York, NY (February 3, 2009) /PRNewswire/ — WePOWER, LLC, a developer of clean energy solutions around the world, today announces the launch of its revolutionary Windvertising™ branded media platform. The Windvertising™ platform enables the placement of advertising on WePOWER's PacWind turbines which, in turn, generate clean wind energy to power corresponding advertising billboards through the firm's patented application.

"Windvertising™ will transform the outdoor advertising industry and help corporations achieve their carbon-neutral goals," said Marvin Winkler, CEO of WePOWER. "For the first time, outdoor advertising will help to save the planet by reducing carbon emissions and will save money for businesses through tax incentives, energy rebates and carbon credits. It is truly a win-win situation for consumers and corporations."

The concept for Windvertising™ is simple – WePOWER's line of vertical axis PacWind turbines will power and display each advertisement. Specifically, each of the turbine's patented, proprietary air foil blades will reflect an image. As the turbine blades spin (on a vertical axis) the images will come to life and appear to move. The end result is a dynamic, animated advertising image powered by clean wind energy. Additionally, the energy generated by the animated wind turbines may be used to power a corresponding billboard, creating a multi-dimensional environmentally sound advertising display which is the first of its kind.

"I always tell people to think of Windvertising™ as a flipbook that you played with as a child," stated Marvin Winkler. "You simply apply a specific image on each turbine blade, the turbines spin and you get this amazing, moving advertisement – that also makes clean electricity to provide power to a traditional advertising billboard!"

Windvertising™ has the potential to dramatically impact our environment by reducing carbon emissions and by redirecting energy back into the grid. For example, if the estimated 500,000 billboards that are currently found along US highways were to adopt the Windvertising™ branded media platform, these billboards, at an average wind speed of 10 miles per hour, would generate roughly 16.8 billion kWh of electricity. At this level they could power approximately 1.5 million homes and would reduce about 5.3 million tons of CO2 from being emitted into the air per year.

WePOWER is currently in discussions with several leading corporations to develop Windvertising™ branded media platforms for their consumer brands. Windvertising™ presents the opportunity for these corporations to portray an environmentally-friendly image and provides them with a platform to advertise through an eco-friendly channel. WePOWER will be launching its first Windvertiser™ in Times Square in the coming weeks.

"Windvertising™ has received positive feedback from both consumer brands and advertising agencies," remarked Mary Watkins, President of WePOWER. "They love how our vertical axis turbines can be installed almost anywhere, due to their compact design and how they can capture and create energy from winds as low as 2.3mph. The turbines are also free of noise, vibration and maintenance, so it enables brands to communicate in a hassle-free way."

In addition to its Windvertising™ branded media platform, WePOWER also recently announced that it has secured the capacity to mass produce up to 500,000 of its vertical axis turbines in the United States within a 12-month period. This capability enables the company to swiftly and cost-effectively deliver its clean energy wind turbines to consumers, home-owners, businesses, developers and wind farms throughout the nation.

WePOWER believes in harnessing the wind to power our everyday utilities and will continue to pioneer the way to a clean energy future.


WePOWER develops perpetual clean energy solutions around the world. The company operates primarily in the wind, solar and magnetic energy fields. WePOWER develops and deploys urban energy systems and retrofits traditional wind farms. WePOWER handles all development, marketing, sales, licensing, communications and business development for perpetual energy technology companies on an exclusive basis. With its own intellectual property and patents and through relationships with innovative perpetual energy firms, WePOWER manages all economics of the energy created by these innovative technologies including the tax incentives, energy rebates and carbon credits. Windvertising™ is a brand name and registered trademark of WePOWER, LLC.

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