palmOne Introduces Two Color Zire Handhelds

Zire 72 Handheld Features Built-in Digital Camera with Audio/Video Capture and Playback and Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Entry-level Zire 31 Handheld Designed to Attract Mass-market Customers

MILPITAS, Calif., April 28, 2004 - Building on the success of the best-selling Zire(TM) handhelds, palmOne, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLMO), the world's leading maker of handheld computers and maker of highly acclaimed smartphones, today announced two color Zire handhelds:

  • The Zire 72 handheld with a built-in digital camera, audio/video capture and playback ability(1), and Bluetooth(R) wireless technology offers affordable multimedia capability at an estimated U.S. street price of $299.
  • Adding color, expansion and MP3 functionality(2) to the record-breaking Zire handheld, the Zire 31 handheld is designed for students, superparents and seniors. It has an estimated U.S. street price of $149.

Zire 72 Handheld

The Zire 72 handheld, with a built-in 1.2-megapixel camera and MP3 player, includes what users need for work and play. In addition to capturing photos, the Zire 72 handheld is the first PDA from palmOne to enable video capture. Users can watch video clips on a brilliant 320 x 320 color screen, and the MP3 player allows users to carry the tunes they enjoy and listen in stereo.(3) The Zire 72 handheld enables users to create and edit Word- and Excel-compatible files, as well as synchronize with Microsoft Outlook (Windows only). With the Zire 72 handheld, users can even share files, and get wireless email and Internet access with built-in Bluetooth technology.(4)

Zire 31 Handheld

The Zire 31 handheld from palmOne is designed for value-conscious students, superparents and seniors. It can store thousands of phone numbers, addresses, lunch dates, meetings, birthdays, doctors' appointments and shopping lists. Its bright, colorful screen is perfect for viewing photos of family and friends. Zire 31 handheld owners can select from more than 20,000 available applications(5) and use the expansion slot for adding more memory, applications or MP3 tunes.

  1. Video capture requires the use of an expansion card, sold separately. Captured resolution may be lower.
  2. Listening to MP3s requires the use of an expansion card, sold separately.
  3. Stereo headphones optional, sold separately.
  4. Compatible Bluetooth phone model and wireless GSM/GPRS carrier subscription required, not included. An Internet service provider account, data service and carrier subscription may be required for Internet and email access. These services may need to be purchased separately.
  5. While some applications are available for free download, some must be purchased separately.

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