NIVEA Releases Second Set of Research Results From New "American Mood Monitor" to Discover What Makes America Happy

NIVEA and world-leading consumer research company Iconoculture discover close to 50 percent of people find relationships make them happiest

Wilton, CT; May 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — NIVEA and Iconoculture continue their study, the "NIVEA American Mood Monitor," a look in to the ever-evolving American consumer and their mood, by releasing the results of their latest research on happiness. In advance of the start of summer, sunshine and warmer days, NIVEA and Iconoculture share their findings on what makes the American consumer happy. Our study shows that people are by and large as happy, or happier than they were two years ago. In fact, one-third said that they're happier today than they were in the past, despite socioeconomic woes.

What Else is Making American's Happy

Happiness Receptors:

Despite what many may think, happiness is largely spontaneous and cannot be forced. However, despite its spontaneity, people feel that they can control their happiness by preparing themselves with the right kind of mindset and attitude. What creates happiness is a state of mind and not a thing. It comes as a result of someone's general point of view in life. The main sources of happiness come from relationships and life milestones.

Pass the Happy:

Happiness thrives and exists on the idea of sharing, particularly with friends and family. It is contagious, making it a powerful force whose cycle depends on community, generosity and spreadability. Happiness can be passed on in multiple manners, both traditionally via human contact, and through modern means such as Twitter and Facebook. Americans tend to share their happiness in a variety of ways, whether it is tweeting about music in the moment or relaying a happy milestone through a blog. However, in order to spark the sharing of happiness, individual pursuits must also be met; our research shows people need to be individually happy in order to be able to share happiness with others.

Calendaring Happiness:

Happiness can also be tracked based on what time of year it is. Not surprisingly, participants chose summer and spring as their favorite seasons, and June was marked as the happiest month of the year. This is mainly due to the fact that sun, sand, surf and a sense of vitality are brought on by these two seasons. In fact, online conversations about happiness peak during the summertime.

In addition to the time of year, happiness is also sparked by events, whether it is looking forward to one or having the pleasure of planning it. Anticipation of the event can produce as much happiness as the event itself; in fact, the waiting can sometimes be the happiest part. People also appreciate the ability to extend their happy experiences, before and after the moment. In order to remember those happy occasions, sensory markers to include when planning events are touch, fragrance, taste, photos and sound.

About "NIVEA American Mood Monitor"

At the beginning of the year, NIVEA partnered with consumer research authority Iconoculture to begin a research project called the "NIVEA American Mood Monitor." This study is designed specifically to gauge and track current and emerging trends that reflect consumer behavior and mood, along with the emotive drivers and values behind these trends. In February, NIVEA, the brand that brings people together through touch, released its first set of survey results on the mood "love" and "romance" in time for the Valentine's Day season. As a company that values the importance of human connections, NIVEA finds it essential to understand what drives consumers' moods throughout the year for a better understanding of how to develop products and marketing plans.

"We are happy to share with everyone the results from our second round of research for the 'NIVEA American Mood Monitor' initiative," said Nicolas Maurer, Vice President, Marketing, Beiersdorf Inc. "Our research shows, happiness can be spread from person to person through small, sometimes seemingly meaningless acts or things that can change a mood or make people feel happier; a memorable song, a pleasant smell or a sunny day can all enhance someone's happiness. NIVEA values the importance of human connections, which moods play a big part of. Truly understanding our consumer and what makes them happy can offer constructive insights into their emotional drivers, and how we, through our products, can help to increase a person's happiness."

"We are extremely satisfied with our findings regarding the overall causes of happiness and what drives American consumers to be happy," says Jennifer Haid, Vice President and Consumer Strategist for Iconoculture. "Our research has shown that some of the key element that makes an American happy are their personal relationships, sharing their joy with others and spending time with family."

About the Research Approach:

Gauging the mood of the American consumer is a broad and diverse mission spanning many categories and demographics. To tackle a project of this scope and bring a fresh approach, NIVEA and Iconoculture chose a multitude of lenses to get a picture of the American Consumer including:

  • Custom Consumer Research — Iconoculture provided cultural context and overview of the current consumer mood and value drivers through its observational research methodology.
  • Custom IconoCommunities — Iconoculture tracked the consumer sentiment around the quarterly theme through its consumer-centric social network IconoCommunities, consisting of more than 500 consumers over the age of 18.
  • Social Media Analysis — Adding a listening element to the research, the "NIVEA American Mood Monitor" also utilized Iconoculture's SocialIQ, a powerful analytical tool for mining millions of social media sources like blogs, message boards and microblogs for insights on the quarterly theme.

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