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Comedian Margaret Cho Talks Tattoos with Needled

Exclusive videos and photos featuring Margaret Cho available now on imeem

KNOXVILLE, TN - (September 8, 2008) /PRNewswire/ — Asian-American comedian and tattoo enthusiast, Margaret Cho, shares her insights on body art, body image, and why tattoos make her feel sexier at and on imeem at Cho is a self-professed fan of Needled and credits the site's blog editor, Marisa DiMattia, with leading her to Nathan Kostechko, the tattoo design artist providing inspiration for the logo and artwork behind the new VH-1 reality series, The Cho Show.

"Margaret Cho is an example of how the fine art of tattoo enhances body image and can become an empowering experience," said DiMattia, a veteran tattoo aficionado, bloggist, and tattoo rights activist. "We're thrilled Margaret is a fan of our online community." "Needled is known for creating documentary-style content that provides a rare perspective on tattoo culture." she said.

Cho, who started her tattoo collection at 35, says she talks a lot about tattoos on The Cho Show and how they're a big part of her life. As a teenager struggling with bulimia and anorexia, Cho says she grew up with body image issues that tattoos helped her overcome. "People need to know what a real 35-year-old woman's body looks like!" exclaimed Cho. "I didn't feel glamorous as a kid. I don't want other kids to experience that."

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About Margaret Cho & The Cho Show

Margaret Cho was born December 5, 1968 and raised in San Francisco. Margaret starting performing as a stand-up comic at age 16 and in 1994 starred in short lived ABC sitcom called "All American Girl," the first Asian-American ethnic sitcom. Thirteen years after her catastrophic foray into television, Margaret is triumphantly returning to TV on her own terms, in her new Vh1 series, The Cho Show. For more information, visit

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