MultiVu™ Reinvents the VNR, B-Roll Package
and SMT

New products extend reach to media and your target audiences... comprehensive multimedia communications packages help ensure success

MultiVu has a new approach to VNRs, B-roll and SMTs that helps ensure success. Our Electronic Multimedia Kits (EMK) and Broadcast Multimedia Briefings (BMB) reach television, radio, print and online media and allow you to communicate directly to consumers and other target audiences over the Internet. They also feature audio and video podcasts. And, they help you get your message directly to your target audiences without having to depend solely on broadcast TV.

The packages include built-in radio and television audiences delivered through strategic placements and distribution deals. A significant degree of success is assured before you even launch your project. MultiVu is taking a much more strategic approach to broadcast PR and reaching target audiences across both traditional and new media platforms.

The Internet and the rapid expansion of broadband and wireless technology are transforming the way people receive news and information. Nielsen/NetRatings reported in September 2005 that 120.8 million Americans now have broadband Internet access. A study by JupiterResearch in April 2005 found that 26% of adults prefer the Internet as their primary means of accessing news.

Video and audio podcasting are becoming important new communications platforms. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project Report (April 2005), more than 22 million Americans own iPods or MP3 players, and more than 6 million adults have downloaded a podcast of some type.

MultiVu is meeting the changing needs of communicators by offering services that combine traditional tactics with new technologies and techniques to deliver results that go beyond expectations.

Electronic Multimedia Kit

The EMK is at the forefront of the evolution occurring in Broadcast PR and is the future of the traditional VNR. It's a complete package of multimedia tools that allow your message to reach television and radio, print and online media while at the same time offering the ability to directly communicate with key target audiences such as consumers, investors and employees. An EMK includes production, distribution, monitoring and reporting of the following:

  • B-Roll Package
  • 60-second video report
  • Audio news release (ANR)
  • Multimedia news release (MNR)
  • Online press page
  • Video and audio podcasts

Broadcast Multimedia Briefing

The BMB represents the future of the satellite media tour (SMT). It allows communications professionals to extend the reach of an SMT beyond television to include radio, print and online audiences. The BMB includes studio-based television and radio interviews and a Webcast that can be directed to any target audience. The BMB also includes all of the elements of an EMK.

Multimedia News Releases

Multimedia News Releases (MNRs) that come as part of the EMK and BMB package blend video, audio, text, logos, photos, hyperlinks, and related documents into an attractive HTML format. Adding different video messages or other content to address specific audiences such as customers, investors, employees and others let you customize MNRs according to the target audience. And, MNRs can be e-mailed (much like this communication was) to your most important stakeholders and constituencies.

MultiVu is ready to help you meet the challenge of the changing communications landscape. Watch the video on the right-hand side of this page, download the brochure or information sheets to read more, or click the contact us link below for a free consultation on how you can maximize the audience for your news by taking it to broadcast and beyond. Or, call us at 800-653-5313 to get started right away.

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