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Motorola Survey Reveals Media Mobility is Key for the Millennial Generation

Basingstoke, UK - 10 September 2008 /PRNewswire/ — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced results of its 1,200 person study across Europe and the Middle East into the behaviors of the Millennial generation (16-27 year olds) regarding their consumer technology decisions and media consumption habits.

"Technology is the lifeblood of this generation. Millennials feel that their personal lifestyle would change dramatically without internet access," said Joe Cozzolino, corporate vice president, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility EMEA. "By understanding the desires of this generation, Motorola can design and customize solutions for our customers that enable them to deliver rich media experiences."

Millennials not only engage with new technologies, they actively influence their parents' adoption habits. The majority of respondents stated that they influence the broadband (83 percent) or TV services (84 percent) purchased by their parents.

Prime Time to My Time

Television is still a favoured form of entertainment; however how, where and when we watch is changing:

  • 78 percent would prefer a TV programme to restart the moment they switch over to that channel
  • 66 percent would be interested in pausing TV in one room and restarting it in another
  • 32 percent prefer to watch programmes on a PC rather than a TV set

Media mobility

Access to full-length movies and favourite shows on the move is enticing, as are shorter bursts of content:

  • Shifting TV programmes from the set-top at home to a mobile device enticed 81 percent of Millennials
  • 75 percent indicate that watching movies while travelling is appealing
  • 62 percent would be interested in watching 15 minute mobile versions of 30 minute TV programmes

Rich media

Millennials increasingly want to interact with what they're watching:

  • Over half would like to be able to interact and get information about the content they are watching
  • 68 percent would be interested in learning about and possibly purchasing items featured in TV shows

There are signs that Millennials are adopting HDTV, and the figures point to strong growth potential

  • HDTV is popular, especially in Germany and the UAE with 53 percent and 58 percent saying they love HD content.
  • 43 percent of respondents have an HDTV set; the highest percentage was in the UK (54 percent).

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