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On Demand Is in Demand by Millennials, Motorola Study Shows

NEW ORLEANS · The Cable Show · 19 May 2008 /PRNewswire/ — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced the initial results of a new study on the influence and behaviors of the Millennial generation (young adults ages 16-27) regarding consumer technology decisions and rich media consumption habits, finding that Millennials are not only looking for more content, they are also influencing the buying decisions for the services and technologies.

By understanding the interests of end users, Motorola will better help cable operators and service providers customize their offerings to accelerate the delivery of personalized media experiences.

"With the Millennial generation, connectivity is an absolute must-have," said Eduardo Conrado, corporate vice president, global marketing and communications, Motorola, Inc. "Millennials are looking to make their connectivity more personalized and take experiences from 'primetime' to 'my time.' This study provides a clear barometer that shows the changes in demand and growth opportunities as Millennials continue to increase their buying power."

Greater Expectations

Motorola's findings pinpointed the influence that Millennials are exerting over their parent's buying decisions:

  • 71 percent have influence over parental decisions about cable, DSL or dish-satellite services.
  • 62 percent have influence over purchasing a HDTV set and programming package.
  • 70 percent feel their expectations are far greater than their parents' for rich media experiences and on-the-go broadband access.

My Own Time

Millennials want more control over when and where they access content:

  • 85 percent have cable or satellite television service, and 42 percent still would like a DVR to use along with it.
  • Almost half of DVR owners use the device for half of their TV watching.
  • 35 percent of those with HDTV want to have a broader selection of HD programming offered in the future.

The Content I Want, Wherever I Want it

Millennials prefer to access content on their own terms and timeline, regardless of where that programming originated:

  • 84 percent expressed interest in archived TV programs and movies available on demand.
  • 86 percent have interest in being able to pause a TV program in one room and resume play in another room in the home.
  • 83 percent have interest in the ability to download TV programs from a DVR for use on mobile players.

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