Mighty Key® offers automated encryption technology, giving PC users ultimate protection in privacy and security

Breakthrough technology plugs into USB port

Consumers lock their cars, lock their houses,
now they can lock their computers

DETROIT - Oct. 11, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- A new age of digital security will begin Oct. 11, 2006 with the launch of Mighty Key ®, the first product to combine military-level data encryption with incredible ease of use. Mighty Key is set to be the next must-have digital device for anyone who uses a personal computer.

Imagine your hard drive crashes and you lose all of your important files, or the table next to you at a Wi-Fi café steals your credit card information as you shop online. Imagine the steady stream of travel-related messages that clogs your inbox after surfing for a vacation idea. These are serious and widespread Internet hazards; Mighty Key finally gives the average consumer a tool to fight back.

"It's as simple to operate as a light switch," said Solomon Franco, 37, creator of Mighty Key. "Plug Mighty Key into a PC's USB port and your files and Internet surfing are secured; unplug it and your Internet history is erased and your personal files encrypted."

Mighty Key is Franco's latest invention. In 1994, while studying law in London, England, Franco conceived the idea of developing a solution for cleaning and deicing vehicle windshields. Four years later, he founded Microheat and named the product Hot Shot. Franco took Microheat all the way from concept to production and sales. Microheat is now a Tier 1 supplier to GM, Toyota, Ford and others with expected sales orders to reach $400 million by the end of this year.

"Mighty Key is the next key in life," said Cliff Hicks, co-founder of Mighty Key. "You lock your car. You lock your house. Now you can lock your computer."

Mighty Key provides the following services:

Secure Surfing and Wi-Fi Protection – Mighty Key allows users to surf the Web anonymously using high-level encryption – the same security protocol used by the U.S. military. The key encrypts everything going out of users' computers, whether it's wireless Internet at a coffee shop or wired Internet at home, enabling safe and anonymous surfing. Mighty Key also protects users from identity theft, credit card fraud, and Internet tracking systems. Mighty Key even erases all evidence of its users' Internet activity, so no one can trace where they went or what they did while online.

Remote Databank – Mighty Key allows users to store their data in a secured Class 5 Databank that uses very strong encryption. To access the data, Mighty Key uses multi-factor authentication, which means users must have the key plugged in and also enter their user name and PIN. Because of this, even employees of Mighty Key, LLC cannot view users' data.

Secure Vault – For individuals who share PCs, Mighty Key offers the ability to encrypt folders. These folders stay on the hard drive, but are only visible when Mighty Key is plugged in - no other users will even know the files exist.

Available on a subscription basis, Mighty Key costs $8.95/month for a 6-month contract, $7.95/month for a 1-year contract, and $5.95/month for a 2-year contract. The subscription pays for one key, the use of all the key's features, including encryption, storage in the Datavault and unlimited customer service and technical support. If a key is lost, subscribers simply pay a fee of $24.95 for a replacement, and their data is there when the new key is plugged in.

North American customers will be able to purchase Mighty Key starting Oct. 11th on the product's Web site, www.mightykey.com.

Mighty Key, LLC is an advanced computer and Internet security company based in Farmington Hills, Mich. The company's goal is to provide affordable, impenetrable, easy-to-use computer and Internet security solutions to computer users worldwide. Visit www.mightykey.com for more information. Mighty Key, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atomynet, Inc.

Atomynet, Inc., founded in 2005 by Solomon Franco, is a high-tech company focused on writing easy to use, secure applications to assist regular consumer users in protecting their computers and their data. Atomynet is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., and also has offices in Israel. Visit www.atomynet.com for more information.

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