Love Lunch Again: Busy Women Everywhere Invited to Reclaim Lunch

Aladdin’s Lunchtopia Tour on a Mission to Makeover the Lunch Hour with Inspiration, Solutions

SEATTLE, June 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Once known for creating beloved childhood lunchboxes, Aladdin®, a brand of PMI, is all grown up and on a mission to inspire busy women - and possibly an entire movement - to take back lunch. This summer, Aladdin’s Lunchtopia tour is setting out to literally fix lunch, empowering women across the nation to reclaim this little slice of the day for themselves. No matter what their perfect lunch looks like - from a quick, healthy meal packed from home to a yoga session with friends - Aladdin hopes to educate and inspire women so they can reclaim their lunch hour, find their “Lunchtopia,” and love lunch all over again.

Why lunch? Women today are multitasking aficionados, often skipping lunch in favor of checking things off their to-do list. Trends and studies show that forgoing your lunch hour can lead to a time-crunched meal involving unhealthy food choices and can ultimately contribute to health issues, including the nation’s obesity and stress epidemics. According to a recent study on, 32 percent of workers take less than 30 minutes for lunch, 18 percent typically don’t leave their desks during lunch and eat in their workspace five days a week, and 10 percent never take a lunch break at all.

Kicking off in Minneapolis, on July 3rd, Lunchtopia will pop up in cities across the nation, including Seattle and New York City, bringing lunch solutions to busy women by way of cruiser bikes, pop-up parks, and office “lunchovers”.

Like a makeover for the day’s most overlooked meal, Aladdin Lunchovers will include a professional deep-clean for a corporate kitchen plus a set of Aladdin Collapsible Bowls and lunch on Aladdin for the employee who nominated their office. In Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle, Aladdin will rescue office lunchrooms from the doldrums, transforming communal kitchens and break rooms into spaces that invite employees to love their lunch.

The Lunchtopia pop-up park experience engages women on city streets with suggested solutions and a call to action to take back lunch – with a commitment to healthier, more enjoyable lunch choices. Through the powerful community of social networking sites like Facebook, women everywhere will be invited and easily able to participate in Lunchtopia and to share ideas around how to make a better lunch break, from recipes to rejuvenation, and take the pledge to ”love lunch again.”

“We recognize the trend of busy women skipping or skimping on their mid-day meal, and we’re out to inspire women to break this unhealthy habit,” said JoAnne Anderson, Senior Marketing Manager for PMI, home of the Aladdin brand. “In our research we found that lunch is the new breakfast in terms of needing to boost it into the list of the day’s priorities, but we also know that convenience, ease-of-use, and style are important drivers in making healthier lunch choices. When we rethink lunch as a time for ourselves - to truly nourish our bodies and our minds - eating a lunch you love becomes a win for the individual, their workplace and their family, and for healthier living overall.”

Where to find Lunchtopia – look for the official 2011 Aladdin Lunchtopia Tour in:

Minneapolis, Minnesota – July 3rd – 18th
Seattle, Washington – July 23rd - August 1st
New York, New York – August 9th – August 19th
Online all summer at:
On Facebook all summer at:

As long-time experts in lunch, Aladdin employed focus groups and third party moderators to determine the obstacles and possible solutions to making this important mid-day meal enjoyable again. These focus groups revealed the most common pain-points women endure when packing or preparing a lunch: transport, storage, leaks, and food-specific issues like wilted lettuce and soggy vegetables. With this knowledge in hand, Aladdin went to work incorporating all these features into their new Collapsible Lunch Collection, also launching nationwide this summer. Aladdin’s Collapsible Salad Set, Steamer Set, 3-bowl set and Mini 2-Bowl Set will be available at specialty retailers, and can be purchased online at

While Aladdin’s Lunchtopia tour is new for 2011, lunch is nothing new for Aladdin, a brand that’s been packing lunches since 1908. In the 1950’s, Aladdin pioneered the character lunch box with the Hopalong Cassidy metal lunch box and insulated bottle kit. The rest was history – a long history of classic lunch boxes, from Dukes of Hazard to Holly Hobby to Masters of the Universe. In the Collapsible Collection, Aladdin hopes to reconnect with adults who loved their lunch as a kid and give them a way to love lunch all over again.

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