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Skillman, New Jersey (4/28/08) /PRNewswire/ – Today the leader in healthy intimacy, the K-Y® Brand, announced the first intimacy enhancing product for couples — K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINE. Knowing it takes two to create a magical encounter, YOURS+MINE offers two lubricants with different sensations. One is invigorating for him, the other thrilling for her and together they add up to a totally new experience. Looking to add even more fun? Expose the tubes to light during the day and the words on the vials will glow in the dark, making his "Yours" and her "Mine" easy to find.

"K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINE was developed for couples to experience and enjoy together" explains Daniel Weiss, Group Product Director of Personal Care Products. "Through our ongoing conversations with consumers, we have found that couples are consistently looking for ways to enhance their time together. We recognize that it is not just about one partner or the other — it is about the couple."

K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINE serves as a catalyst for creating emotional and physical connections between partners because it provides a unique and fun new way for couples to communicate on an intimate level. Both partners will be curious to know what the other is experiencing, providing the perfect scenario for communication.

YOURS+MINE is another innovation by K-Y® Brand designed to enhance intimacy between couples. The brand continues to bring innovation to the intimacy market because the importance of touch extends far beyond the bedroom — recent research suggests that couples who have more frequent and more fulfilling intimacy also report having stronger emotional relationships overall. In addition, studies are showing that men and women with satisfying intimate relations report better physical and mental health.

Different Kind of Product, A Different Kind of Look
To reflect the innovative concept behind K-Y® Brand's dual lubricants, YOURS+MINE is encased in modern, sleek packaging. Two separate test tubes house the lubricants: electric blue for him, vibrant purple for her. Both are capped off with easy to dispense tops and housed in a lustrous black box – with silver accents.

K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINE is available now at drug, food and mass retailers. The suggested retail price is $19.99 for two test tube vials, each 1.5 fl oz.

About K-Y® Brand
More couples than ever are using K-Y® Brand intimacy products for a fun way to enhance intimacy. The K-Y® Brand line of intimacy products includes K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE HEAT personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand 2-IN-1 TINGLING body massage plus personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand SENSUAL SILK, K-Y® Brand SENSUAL MIST personal lubricant, TOUCH MASSAGE® 2-IN-1 WARMING body massage plus personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand TOUCH MASSAGE® body massage oils, K-Y® Brand LIQUIBEADS vaginal moisturizer, K-Y® Brand SILK-E® vaginal moisturizer, K-Y® Brand Liquid personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand Warming Liquid personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand Jelly personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand Warming Jelly personal lubricant, K-Y® Brand Tingling Jelly personal lubricant. K-Y® Brand personal lubricants are latex condom compatible.