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Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb Saves Local Tanzanian School From Closing

Hundreds of Smiles From Children Going To The Bathroom

NEW YORK (February 20, 2008) / PRNewswire / – Kilimanjaro Education Foundation (KEF) proudly announces the completion of its first charity project targeted at building the first bathroom facility on the Olturoto school grounds, just outside of Arusha, Tanzania. Monies used for the project were raised through personal and corporate donations by seven volunteer climbers, each of whom successfully participated in the seven-day charity climb and summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro organized by KEF this past August.

"We were losing all hope and were very concerned when the Government told us last February that our school may be shut down due to unsanitary bathroom conditions and that they had no funds to give us to build new toilets," said James Meengienga, Olturoto school headmaster. "Today marks a very special day for us knowing that our school has been saved from closing and we now have the best toilets in all of Tanzania thanks to KEF."

The day before the climb, all KEF volunteers visited Olturoto School and spent the day meeting with students, teachers and parents. The climbers were taken aback at the sight of the existing outhouse, which was decaying and did not have modern plumbing. The day was highlighted with a celebratory groundbreaking ceremony, followed by dancing and singing by the more than 900 students who will directly benefit from the project.

"When I learned about KEF's charity climb, I thought it had the right mix of doing charity and adventure," said Edward Toptani, an attorney in New York. "What I didn't realize before reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro and standing on the roof of Africa, was that spending time with the children of Kilimanjaro was even a more meaningful moment for me personally."

KEF's next charity climb is this August and for those who are interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for a worthy cause, please visit The climbers will be lead up the mountain's Machame route by very experienced guides and porters from a local African wilderness and safari company called Kilimanjaro Wilderness Safaris (KIWISA). KIWISA is based in Arusha, Tanzania, and has a team of more than 100 highly trained individuals including mountain/safari guides, camp crew, and logistic clerical staff. KIWISA's website is

Kilimanjaro Education Foundation (KEF), founded by Todd Grossman in 2006, is incorporated in New York State and organized as a 501(c)(3). KEF strives to improve education and to build school facilities for underprivileged children in Tanzania and other countries bordering Kilimanjaro. KEF's volunteers and directors share in and impart not only the Foundation's passion for children and education, but also in KEF's core values of honesty, integrity, creativity and imagination.

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