High Tech Window Screens Are Like HDTV for Windows and Doors

Homeowners Embrace Better View on Their World with GORE® inLighten ® screens

ELKTON, MD — July 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Homeowners are embracing a new trend towards premium window screens that are virtually invisible to the naked eye and provide an exponentially better view. GORE® inLighten ® window screens are made of high tech material that make the screens transparent.

“Much like HD TV is clearer because it has many more pixels, these window screens are clearer because they have a dramatically higher number of openings; there are more than one million openings in our average screen door material,” said Maria Smith, Business leader, for GORE inLighten screens. “That’s literally hundreds of thousands more tiny holes than your conventional screen door. What that means for homeowners is that the view you see through your screens is dramatically clearer.”

For the average 3’ x 7’ screen door, a GORE inLighten screen has approximately 1.08 million holes; the conventional fiberglass screen has approximately 871-thousand holes.

With the highest levels of light transmission and airflow of any available residential screen material, GORE inLighten screens bring 50 percent more natural light into the home and provide up to three times more airflow, resulting in significant improvement in overall clarity compared to conventional window screens. Made of an ultra-fine fiber, the screens provide a clearer viewing experience for homes.

“You look out and you just see beyond the screening to the yard – you don’t see the screen at all,” said Rick Mainwaring, a GORE inLighten customer. “It really is invisible.”

Perfect for D-I-Y Projects

For handy homeowners looking to make a difference in their view, installing Gore inLighten screens is a quick project that can pay significant dividends. Each screen can be installed in minutes. GORE inLighten screens are sold directly to homeowners and residential contractors from Gore online at www.inLightenScreens.com.

The Science Behind the Magic

GORE inLighten screens are made of ultra-fine material that makes the window screen virtually invisible. This elastic flouropolymer has a “memory” that prevents cracking, denting and sagging. GORE inLighten screens also withstand years of exposure to harsh elements in nature including extreme temperatures, UV rays, salt air and coastal conditions. In fact, the “6800-hour UV lab test” indicates GORE inLighten screens will not flake, crack or break after testing conditions equivalent to 10 years of Florida UV exposure.

Most conventional screens are made with PVC coated fiberglass, which diminishes the view to the outdoors and the “curb appeal” of the home. Even though they are made of thinner material, GORE inLighten screens also protect the home from insects as well as conventional screens.