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Getting to the Roots of Gold Medal Goodness

New Video Tells the Story of Gold Medal Flour from Field to Table

MINNEAPOLIS – Sept. 14, 2009 – /PRNewswire/ – Americans are getting back to their roots — and the roots of their food — and Gold Medal is helping them get there. Today Gold Medal released a video, "From Field to Table: Gold Medal Flour," that follows America's favorite flour from seed to the grocers' shelf.

"In true American fashion, consumers have responded to the economic downturn by spending more time with family and baking at home. We know moms are also focusing more on what they feed their families and where it comes from," says Sarah Yates, associate marketing manager, Gold Medal Flour. "At General Mills, we've always been passionate about bringing the best of nature to America's home bakers, so we wanted to share the Gold Medal flour story with our loyal users and offer them one more way to connect with their families and food."

From Grain to Grocery Store

The iconic Gold Medal and blue ribbon are a familiar grocery store sight, but the Gold Medal story begins long before the flour hits the shelves. Every bag of Gold Medal flour starts as a seed on a North American farm.

"Good food comes from good land, not from a factory," says Brad Eilert, wheat producer. "That's why we take a lot of pride in preserving and nurturing the land. It's our livelihood. My family has been farming this land for approximately 100 years now."

Gold Medal buys only the finest wheat for its flour, but even the best wheat can be turned into a sub-par flour if it is not milled properly. Gold Medal mills its own wheat with a process that other national flour brands don't have the infrastructure to match.

"Americans have trusted and depended on Gold Medal flour more than 125 years, and that's because they know that every cup of Gold Medal flour will produce the same, exceptional results, every time," says Yates. "That's because we buy only the best wheat, and we use a highly specific milling process for consistent, outstanding quality."

A Recipe for Natural Goodness

With more than a century of delicious, wholesome baked goods behind it, Gold Medal flour has become America's favorite flour for baking at home. Some recipes are classics handed down over decades, but the Betty Crocker kitchens are also continually creating new and delicious ways to use Gold Medal flour to put a little extra home-baked goodness on the table.

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