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The Second International Festival of Falconry: Abu Dhabi to lobby for the Preservation of Falconry

Abu Dhabi, July 7, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — The second International Festival of Falconry will play a central role in Abu Dhabi's global initiative to campaign for the preservation of falconry. Sponsored by the Emirates Falconers' Club, the festival takes place at the Englefield Estate, in the United Kingdom, from the 11-12 July.

The art of falconry is over 4,000 years old and practiced in 65 countries. Falconry is associated with the national identity of many nations, and is an essential part of the Abu Dhabi's tradition, history and culture. Through the Emirates Falconers' Club, Abu Dhabi is taking active steps to safeguard it for future generation.

This year's festival will bring together falconers from 50 nations, providing a rare opportunity to promote dialogue and build understanding of each other's culture through a shared love of falconry.

H.E. Majid Al Mansouri, Executive Director, Emirates Falconers' Club said: "The festival gives us international outreach and cultural exchange, taking us a step closer to our aim of ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy this important part of our culture."

Senior officials from the Emirates Falconers' Club will be in attendance at the festival in order to brief international government officials, UK MPs, media, opinion formers and other interested parties on the work of the club. The festival will also provide an opportunity to take the global initiative for the preservation of falconry to over 10,000 expected guests and participants.

The Emirates Falconers' Club is also spearheading the UAE's international submission to UNESCO, on behalf of 12 falconry nations, for falconry to be recognized as part of the world's intangible cultural heritage. The festival will give the club the opportunity to engage with the attending UNESCO delegation and showcase the many facets of falconry on display.

During the festival, visitors will be able to enjoy demonstrations and workshops covering a diverse range of falconry subjects including art, health and falcon breeding.

Notes for Editors:

The Emirates Falconers' Club is the organisation representing falconers of the United Arab Emirates and for the past two editions of the festival has contributed to the travel and accommodation costs of less well-funded falconry countries.