This page has been optimized for print. Launches Social Networking Web Site For People Affected By Divorce

Whether to celebrate or commiserate, new web site provides online community for those affected by, contemplating or going through divorce

CLEVELAND - March 18, 2009 /PRNewswire/— More than one million people are affected by divorce each year, and whether they find it to be the best or worst thing to happen in their lives, most would agree that the process can be overwhelming. Joining a community of support can help make the process easier. – a worldwide support community – launches today to provide a social networking platform for those affected by, contemplating or going through a divorce.

"We designed to be the best combination of Google™ and Facebook - an online resource and community where people can turn for just about everything related to divorce. And we feel that we've achieved just that," said Mike Zimmerman, chief operating officer for "For anyone dealing with a break-up, battling with lawyers or coping with children affected by a divorce, the site not only offers a wide range of resources, but features a social community where people can share their stories and relate to others in similar circumstances." provides a number of forums and blogs that address a variety of divorce-related topics including an "I Got Screwed" forum, which provides a platform for members to share how they "got screwed" by their lawyer, ex, judge or anyone associated with the divorce. The site's content is centered on the three stages of divorce - contemplation or break-up, divorce proceedings and life after divorce - and members have the freedom to celebrate - or commiserate - their divorce status in an intimate environment of like-minded people. offers the following features:

  • Social Network: allows visitors to create personalized profiles, further establishing a sense of community among its members. Similar to Facebook or MySpace, each member can include as much or as little personal information as they feel comfortable, and has the ability to join any number of forum topics.
  • Resources: Featuring more than 30 categories of resource listings suited to those affected by divorce, is the go-to source for everything needed in the before, during and life after divorce stages. Easily searchable to make it convenient for members to locate, these local resources include divorce lawyers, counseling services, daycare providers, moving companies, health clubs/personal training and storage facilities, to name a few.
  • Events: Recognizing that people in nearby locations may want to meet each other, offers the opportunity for members to coordinate their own local "meet-ups" or face-to-face activities through the site. This also gives new members a chance to search for local events in their area.
  • Giveaways: will be giving away a variety of prizes for members who choose to share their compelling stories. Prizes include iPhones, iPods, cruises, flat screen televisions and appliances.

A member, whose screen name is "Bunny", was actively involved on the initial beta version of the site and couldn't be happier about the new social network: "I went through a messy divorce that lasted more than two years. While there were web sites out there that offered advice or services, I never really found a community where I could share my story. I know there are millions of people in the same situation and it helps being able to identify with others going through the same struggles. It's uplifting to know that I am not alone." visitors can also find a variety of articles and advice columns - penned by divorce experts - on a multitude of topics. The site also features a regular "He Said/She Said" column centered on two people of opposite gender answering a weekly divorce-related question, initiating a community debate amongst its member on a variety of topics. In addition, the site also offers support for families and children that have been affected by all stages of a marriage break-up.

An online store with humorous t-shirts, mugs, buttons and even a shirt for favorite pets, as well as a line of "I Got Screwed" products will also be available, and those interested in career opportunities with can view open positions directly on the site.

About is a worldwide social media platform that provides online community support for those affected by, contemplating or going through divorce. Offering a wide range of resources, features a social community where people can celebrate or commiserate their divorce status with like-minded people in similar circumstances.