Watch the World Famous '69 Dodge Charger 'Fly' on 'THE DUKES OF HAZZARD' on CMT and Earn $100,000

Ben "Cooter" Jones Leads CMT Good Ol' Boys (& Gals) Search Team For Vice President,

HAZZARD, Ky., Mar. 1, 2005 /PRNewswire/ -- Yeeee-Hah. Put your pedal to the metal to see how fast you can apply for the ultimate dream job: getting paid $100,000 to watch the high-flying, stump-yanking muscle of the #1 rated car in TV and film history - The General Lee '69 Dodge Charger on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT. Plus, become the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE authority on all things THE DUKES OF HAZZARD.

CMT celebrates the return of one the most beloved pop culture hit series, of all time, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. A six-figure income is being offered to a DUKES OF HAZZARD enthusiast to be the new Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE.*

"Now that CMT is home to the original THE DUKES OF HAZZARD series, it would be foolish to do business without a dedicated expert," said James Hitchcock, Vice President, Creative and Marketing, CMT. "An executive search is being conducted to find that perfect person, someone who knows and loves THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, and is willing to dedicate a year of his or her life to becoming a DUKES OF HAZZARD aficionado; someone who was born to be the Vice President of the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE."

  • watch THE DUKES OF HAZZARD every weeknight on CMT
  • know the words to THE DUKES OF HAZZARD theme song, Good Ol' Boys, written and performed on the series by the legendary Waylon Jennings
  • serve as media expert on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD for the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE: must be available for TV, radio and newspaper interviews to share his or her expertise and passion for THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT
  • write THE DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE online blog for
  • be passionate about THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT
  • make appearances at special events such as Dukesfest 2005 in Bristol, TN (June 4-5, 2005)
  • maybe take The General Lee for a spin now and then

Ben "Cooter" Jones, a favorite character on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD series leads the CMT Good Ol' Boys (& Gals) Executive Search Team.

"Talk about a dream job! Being Vice President of the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE even beats my old job of having the only tow truck in Hazzard County, where all they did was wreck cars," says Jones. Jones played the lovable yet crazy role of "Cooter" -- Bo and Luke Duke's side-kick -- in the TV series.

"Every weeknight, this new Vice President gets to watch The General Lee 'fly,' see 'dem Duke boys 'fighting the system like two modern-day Robin Hoods,' laugh at Rosco and 'Boss' Hogg and hear great country music. If I was the new Vice President, I'd keep my eyes focused on The General Lee jumpin' across roadblocks and ravines with those yowlin' sheriff's cars hot on its trail."

The job requirements include:

  • must be 18 or older and have a valid driver's license (just in case a spin in the famous '69 Dodge Charger, The General Lee, comes up)
  • eligible for work in the United States
  • travel occasionally at CMT expense

"Having received over 60,000 pieces of fan mail each month, most folks still maintain that the real star of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD is The General Lee," says Andy Holeman, Director of Consumer Marketing for CMT and also a member of the CMT Good Ol' Boys (& Gals) Executive Search Team. "One of the reasons THE DUKES OF HAZZARD is still so incredibly popular is because the fans see more wild stunts, spectacular car chases and full-on wrecks than any other series on television." With it's Confederate flag on top, the "01" on the side and it's 440-cubic inch Magnum V8 engine, this southern dirt-road express exemplifies the tough, macho, muscular and legendary Dodge Charger that won 22 of the 54 NASCAR races in which it was entered in 1969. With its doors welded shut NASCAR style and beefed-up modifications, The General Lee performs 180-degree "Bootlegger" turns, amazing aerial stunts and much more in thrill packed chases through Hazzard County on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD.

The nationwide search includes recruitment ads in national magazines and newspapers, interviews at job fairs and online job postings at websites such as:


Job applications are also being distributed at thousands of CMT Cross Country mobile marketing experiences across America.

"With 75 percent of all employees looking for new employment opportunities, it should be easy to find a qualified candidate to fill this six-figure dream job," says Andy Holeman, Director of Marketing, CMT quoting a survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management and in November 2004. According to the survey, employees want to leave their current positions for:

  • better compensation elsewhere - 43 percent
  • better career opportunities - 32 percent
  • dissatisfaction with opportunities at current job - 22 percent

Burnout accounts for 24 percent of why employees resign from their positions, according to the survey. "Burnout is hardly the fate for someone that gets paid a stress-free $100,000 to watch THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT - from the comfort of their home," says Holeman. Five percent of Americans earn $100,000 or more according to the Employment Policy Foundation.

Questions candidates will be asked include:

  • If you, Bo, Luke and Daisy took off in The General Lee, what would happen next?
  • If Waylon Jennings had written your theme song, what would be the title and chorus?
  • Which character on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD do you most identify with and why?

CMT anticipates that the new Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE will be announced at the 5th annual Dukesfest at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN to be held Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th. Event organizers expect 50,000 DUKES OF HAZZARD fans this year.

The Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE job application is available at: and along with information about job requirements, responsibilities and how to apply. The position requires the execution of a one-year, $100,000 Independent Contractor agreement with GREAT!

On Monday, February 28th, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD begins its regular weeknight timeslots of 7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT (and repeats at 11:00 PM - Midnight, ET/PT). The rip-roaring ride of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD showcases modern-day Robin Hoods -- Bo, Luke and Daisy with their Uncle Jesse -- fighting the corrupt political system of Hazzard County. The series ran for seven wild and successful years and 147 episodes. The show first aired in 1979 and was among the top 10 or 20 highest rated TV shows annually -- often watched by 50 million people at a time. Licensed merchandise sales approached $200 million with over $100 million of that generated from The General Lee, voted by car enthusiasts in 2004 as the #1 rated TV and film car of all time beating out Smokey and the Bandit's Firebird, Magnum P.I.'s Ferrari, Starsky and Hutch's Ford Torino and the Batmobile on the Batman TV series.

Ben "Cooter" Jones has had a career that spans over 200 films, television shows and theatrical productions as well as being elected to the United States Congress and serving two terms from the Fourth District of Georgia. Jones has kept up his political interests by appearing as a pundit on shows such as "Crossfire" and "Hardball" and continues to write columns for newspapers and magazines such as The Washington Post and USA Today. He and his wife, Alma Viator, are the proprietors of Cooter's Place -- the unofficial DUKES OF HAZZARD museum and shop in Gatlinburg, TN and online at: . Together, they also produce Dukesfest.

Concept development and execution of the Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE $100,000/Year Dream Job Search handled by GREAT!, the Atlanta-based promotion agency of record for CMT.

CMT, America's No.1 country music network, carries original programming, specials, and live concerts and events, as well as a mix of videos by established country music artists and new cutting-edge acts, including world premiere exclusive videos. Founded March 6, 1983, CMT, owned and operated by MTV Networks, reaches more than 77.1 million households in the United States. Go to country music's biggest web site at .

* The position requires the execution of a one-year, $100,000 Independent Contractor agreement with GREAT!

Contact Info

Dan Smigrod, GREAT! * 404-303-7311 *
Amanda Murphy, CMT * 615-335-8408 *

Photo Captions

Photo 1: A TV viewer will earn $100,000/year to watch Catherine "Daisy" Bach, Tom "Luke" Wopat and John "Bo" Schneider, here with The General Lee, on The Dukes of Hazzard weeknights on CMT.

Photo 2: While you won't be working with her as Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute, you can watch Catherine "Daisy" Bach in her "Daisy Dukes" short, shorts every weeknight on CMT.

Photo 3: Ben "Cooter" Jones leads CMT's Good Ol' Boys & Gals Executive Search Team for the new Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute.

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