Celestial Seasonings® Partners with Celebrity Designer to Promote Critical, Cause-Related Campaign

NEW YORK, N.Y. January 24, 2006 - Celestial Seasonings, North America's specialty tea leader, today unveiled a signature dress made from its tea packaging, in an overall effort to raise awareness of and provide education about the risk of heart disease among women. One in three women in the United States dies of heart disease, which affects more females than the next seven leading causes of death combined, including breast cancer. The Red Dress has been nationally recognized as the symbol of awareness for this cause since its debut in 2003.

Commissioned by Celestial Seasonings, celebrity fashion designer Brett Cooper, a member of an Academy Award®-winning costume design team, crafted the signature piece of couture as a dynamic re-interpretation of the red dress, a wardrobe favorite and the inspiration for the current icon used to elevate awareness of heart disease among women. "Contributing my time and talents to this cause emerged naturally from my own personal interests," explained Cooper. "Since my mother's battle against heart disease, I have wanted to be a part of this awareness effort. I'm proud to work with Celestial Seasonings, a company with an exceptional commitment to health and well-being, to bring attention to the health threats of heart disease."

With a talent for using non-traditional textiles, Cooper assembled the dress's bodice from boxes of Celestial Seasonings new Vanilla Rose Decaf and Black Cherry Pomegranate Black Teas. The new teas feature art with women wearing red dresses and provide educational information about women's risk of heart disease. Both teas are made with all-natural ingredients including heart-healthy black tea. Research shows that drinking just two cups of black tea daily provides as many heart-healthy antioxidants as one serving of fruit or vegetables and may reduce LDL, or "bad" cholesterol, a major risk factor for heart disease.

Central to this awareness campaign, Celestial Seasonings has pledged a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the new teas to WomenHeart: the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, the nation's only patient advocacy organization serving the 8,000,000 American women living with heart disease. In addition, Celestial Seasonings will donate up to $100,000 as a part of a Red Dress pin offer featured on 17 million tea boxes. "Much like WomenHeart, Celestial Seasonings grew from simple roots, with a passion for improving health and daily living," said Nancy Loving, Executive Director of WomenHeart. "Celestial Seasonings has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to WomenHeart in support of its critical mission."

"Celestial Seasonings is concerned about heart health, and we are proud to be advocates of heart health awareness and education. Our goal is to increase women's awareness about this vital issue," said Cecilia Atkinson, General Manager of Celestial Seasonings, "and we want to encourage women to take simple steps, like drinking tea, to develop a healthier lifestyle."

To learn more about heart health and Celestial Seasonings, visit www.celestialseasonings.com.

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