At-Home Peel Contains a Mushroom Enzyme that Works with Skin's pH to Gently Exfoliate with Benefits Comparable to a Chemical Peel

Ada, Mich., April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Instant improvements and no recovery time make the new ARTISTRY® intensive skincare renewing peel a convenient, at-home alternative to acid-based peels. It provides a gentle, one-step option that’s cost-effective and rivals benefits experienced from professional treatments.

Intensive skincare renewing peel is appropriate for women of all skin types, including Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan. With traveling 20,000 miles a month, Scanlan simply doesn’t have time to regularly visit a dermatologist or wait for recovery from redness experienced after professional treatments. “I’ve turned to at-home alternatives. I love ARTISTRY intensive skincare renewing peel, which provides my skin with what I need in just minutes, without worrying about irritation,” comments Scanlan.

When used twice weekly for six weeks, renewing peel provides benefits comparable to a professional chemical peel. This targeted resurfacing treatment provides immediate improvement in the look and feel of skin texture, improved clarity, and reduction in the appearance of age spots and fine lines after six weeks of treatment. In fact, during clinical trials, 99 percent of participants showed improved smoothness and skin texture. After just eight minutes, women noticed instantly softer, smoother skin.

“Our consumers are looking for non-abrasive ways to keep their skin looking healthy. In March, ARTISTRY by Amway launched the intensive skincare renewing peel as the first in a new ARTISTRY line of products featuring at-home alternatives to professional treatments,” said Jori Hartwig, Vice President of Marketing for Amway North America.

The product’s key ingredient, Mucor Miehei mushroom enzyme, mirrors the activity of exfoliating enzymes produced naturally in the skin. The self-neutralizing enzyme works with skin’s pH level to detect and dissolve dead skin cells. Yet, when it encounters the higher pH levels of lower layers of active skin, the exfoliating process automatically shuts off to protect healthy skin.

At a retail cost of $99.50 per bottle, consumers receive the equivalent of 12 peels. ARTISTRY intensive skincare renewing peel can be purchased through an AMWAY™ Independent Business Owner or by visiting .


ARTISTRY is a global leader in premium beauty, offering unprecedented skincare solutions backed by dermatologist testing, advanced science, unparalleled proof of performance, and personalized service unmatched by any beauty counter in the world. The ARTISTRY brand generates more than $1 billion in annual global sales and is among the world’s top five, largest-selling, premium skincare brands.* ARTISTRY is the Official Skincare and Cosmetic Provider of Miss America. The ARTISTRY Scholarship, sponsored by Amway, contributes more than $300,000 to Miss America contestants.


Established in 1959 as a seller of household cleaners, Amway expanded and diversified over the years and today sees its sales led by NUTRILITE® food supplements, herbals and vitamins and ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics. Amway has helped millions of people lead better lives through consumer products, business opportunities, and generous sharing with the AMWAY ONE BY ONE CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN® program.


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