Automatic Jar Opener Takes The Struggle Out Of Opening Jars; Targets Lifestyle Enhancement For All Ages

Miami Lakes, FL (May 14, 2003) - Applica Consumer Products, Inc. is creating a new consumer small appliance category with the launch of its new Black & Decker®* LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener that makes it easier for consumers to open jar lids.

"We're very excited to be able to offer consumers a breakthrough product that will truly enhance everyday life. Consumers are now opening an average of three to five jars per week," commented David Arnott, Marketing Director, Black & Decker®* Kitchen Brand. "Whether you're young or a bit older, struggling from hand ailments or just struggling to escape the otherwise monotonous task of opening jars, the LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener is the first of its kind and it will immediately benefit any user."

While today's consumer is more inclined to purchase products in jars due to freshness and re-sealability, previous methods of opening jars - rubber grips, dish towels, running under hot water, using scissors or knives and banging on the counter - have provided consumers with little satisfaction, a lot of frustration, and in some cases, safety concerns.

The Black & Decker®* LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener was designed to open a wide multitude of jar lids - from larger lids found on pickle jars to moderate sized pasta jar lids to the ever-so-small baby food jar lid. LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener accommodates most standard sized jars measuring from four-and-a-half inches in diameter to eight inches in height.


Designed to incorporate a large ergonomic handle for easy adjustment, the Black & Decker®* LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener adjusts to the height and diameter of the jar lid and unscrews the jar lid to a loose position.

LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener features jar opening at the press of a button:

  1. Lift the handle, place a jar on the turntable.
  2. Hold the release button and lower the upper body of the jar opener so it rests on top of the jar.
  3. Press and hold the On/Off button until the lid "pops" alerting the user the process is done. The opened lid rests on top of the jar for removal to help prevent spillage.

Additional features include convenient cord storage, an easy-to-clean exterior and a compact design for storage on countertops or inside countertops.


The Black & Decker®* LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener directly benefits anyone looking to free themselves from the cumbersome task of opening a jar, including:

  • women and those primarily responsible for meal preparation
  • those suffering from arthritic, manual dexterity or other hand-related illnesses
  • newlyweds setting up house
  • holiday or housewarming gift-givers


Applica Consumer Products, Inc. worked on defining the design and functional features of the LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener with the RERC on Technology Transfer at the University at Buffalo through the sponsorship of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Education. RERC on Technology Transfer's mission is to facilitate the introduction of new products and technologies into the marketplace benefiting persons with disabilities.

Jim Leahy, Project Manager, of the RERC on Technology Transfer stated, "Applica Consumer Products, Inc. encouraged consumers to evaluate initial concept models and to identify both the functional and design features that the ideal automated jar opener should have from the consumer point of view. In effect, these consumers were performing a type of 'consumer engineering' that would ultimately lead to the finished product."

Continuing the rich design tradition of innovative new products for the home, the Black & Decker®* brand again leads the way in combining style and function in a design that spans all ages and ability levels. The LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener is as much a needed addition to the kitchen as a power screwdriver is to the home workshop.


An integrated marketing communications program launches in the second quarter and will feature dedicated advertising, public relations and web site support.

A direct response print and television advertising campaign will begin in April and the projected advertising dollar range is estimated at $1.5 million.

The media buy will include such national cable networks as Lifetime Movies, Fox News, Game Show and A&E. Additionally, select spot buys for the Black & Decker® LidsOff™! Automatic Jar Opener will air on prime.

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