For First Time Ever, a Radio Station Goes 24/7 on Presidential Race

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With the upcoming presidential race gaining momentum quicker than ever before, it's no surprise that the campaign is garnering a lot of news coverage. Now, for the first time, there is a national radio station devoted to the race 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The new station is called "POTUS" (pronounced "POH-tus"), a term used by White House staff for "President of the United States." It is a commercial-free station that airs nationwide on XM satellite radio. Listeners across the country can hear news and commentary about the campaign around the clock.

The station is being broadcast for free to all XM radios on channel 130. Those who don't have an XM radio can go online and listen for free for two weeks by going to

The "POTUS" station airs radio shows produced by XM and a variety of partners, ranging from the Washington Post and C-SPAN to non-traditional media such as bloggers and podcasters. Also heard on "POTUS" are liberal voices from the political blog DailyKos, conservative voices from the Heritage Foundation, and the renowned polling group Zogby International. POTUS will stop broadcasting in January 2009 when the new president takes office. By that time, the station estimates it will have aired more than 11,000 (eleven thousand) hours of programming about the race.


  • Scott Walterman - Host, POTUS Radio on XM
  • Rebecca Roberts - Host, POTUS Radio on XM
  • Joe Mathieu - Host, POTUS Radio on XM
  • Tim Farley - Host, POTUS Radio on XM

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